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Fyre Art

I struggled when I first started out with meditation because I cannot visualize realistic images--every time I was told to "picture a beach," I spent most of the time frustrated that I couldn't visualize a beach, feeling the opposite of what meditation was supposed to bring. I started doing meditation practices that don't require visualization, but felt like I was missing out because I really enjoyed the guided meditation process (with the exception of not being able to picture a beach or whatever else I was asked to visualize). So, I tried it again, and through the use of different techniques (such as ignoring the visualization part altogether and using virtual reality environments), I realized that I *do* visualize--just not realistic images. Instead of an actual beach, I imagine an abstract image that looks very little like a beach but represents the feeling of a beach in my mind.

Most words have associated images/patterns when I think about them, and that is what my art represents--my rendering of how words look in my mind's eye. I primarily work with SketchbookPro using a stylus and drawing pad.

Perhaps the images are the energy of the word; perhaps they're just the product of my weird brain. Either way, I hope they bring you joy!

I aim to create a new piece every 2 to 3 weeks.

If you have a favorite word and are interested in a commission piece, send me an email at to discuss options. Please note that I only create digital art (generally using hand-drawn sketches as the template). I wish I had a better reason for this, but the truth is I don’t have the patience for working with ‘real’ art media such as canvas… I like to be able to erase my mistakes instead of fixing them or starting again!

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