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I offer several programs tailored to specific common needs. I recommend starting with one of these and expanding into a broader field after working with the basic approaches.

How It Works

At the beginning of each program, we will discuss your motivations for enrolling in the program, your goals, areas where you feel 'stuck' etc., and I will compile a tailored program for you involving discussions, exercises, and reflections designed to help with your specific needs. An example of a program structure is shown below. The Improving Communication, Self Understanding, and Redefining Success courses all follow the same basic programming; however, I will tailor them specifically to your situation so that you get the optimal benefit from them and personalized coaching that you would not get from downloading a ready-made self-help course. 

Whether you wish to meet weekly via video chat to discuss your progress or communicate solely via email is entirely up to you! I recognize that many people prefer to write their thoughts than vocalize them, and just as many prefer to have a conversation. A mix of both is also an option. Please note that the prices differ depending on your choice. 

Time Investment: This is up to you! However, I recommend dedicating at least four hours per week to completing the exercises and reflections to optimize the benefit obtained from these programs. Each program is designed to last 6 weeks. 

Cost Per Program: $200 for email-only communication/$500 for video chat program/$300 for mixed email/video chat

Disclaimer: This is not licensed therapy service and the coaching process is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental or emotional health issues. Coaching is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Clients with mental health concerns or issues are encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified mental health professional or therapist. Coaching is intended to provide supportive guidance and assistance with personal growth and development, and results are not guaranteed. By engaging in coaching, clients understand and acknowledge that they are responsible for their own decisions and choices, and that the coach is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken by the client. Clients also agree to hold harmless the coach and the coaching process for any outcomes that may arise as a result of coaching.

Example Program Structure

Week One

Identifying Goals and Needs


Four exercises & reflections

This week will focus on identifying what your goals, motivations, values and needs are and what might be holding you back from achieving them. We will explore the reasons you are seeking coaching and make an individualized plan. 

Week Two

Who do You Want to Be?


Nine exercises & reflections

This week will involve a deep dive into who you are and who you want to be, with a focus on self-understanding and an exploration of the parts of yourself you would most like to change or, more importantly, learn how to accept and integrate. 

Week Three

Beginning the Transformation


Six exercises & reflections

This week will be developed on the basis of the outcomes of the first week. General themes that emerge will involve how to manage beliefs, emotions, experiences, and thought processes so that you learn how to 'own' these instead of having them make decisions for you.

Week Four

Motivation and Success


Three exercises & reflections

This week will focus on the outcomes of Week Three and take a deeper look at the things that are holding you back from moving toward where you want to be from where you are now. We will work on how to evaluate what you need to change before attempting to make any changes. 

Week Five

Enacting Change


Eight exercises & reflections

This week will focus on identifying ways to enact the changes that became clear in Week Four. We will focus on how to take that first step toward change and on developing mechanisms to embrace, fuel, and accept change in our lives. We will set specific goals that will enable your success.

Week Six

Integration and Moving Forward


Six exercises & reflections

The final week will focus on integrating everything we have covered so far into a solid action plan that will enable you to achieve the successful transformation we have been working toward long-term. Depending on the client's needs, the action plan may include daily, weekly, monthly, 3-month, or 6-month action plans (or a mixture of all of the above!)

Sign Up for a Program

All program sign-ups are done through a one-on-one conversation. This can be through email or video chat--whatever your preference is. Please have the following information ready: The program you are interested in (Improving Communication, Self Understanding, or Redefining Success), the structure you would prefer (email, video chat, or a mix of both; all versions come with exercises for you to complete in addition to our discussions), and your preferred payment method (PayPal, Venmo, or an invoice that can be paid by card or check).

To schedule your consultation and sign-up, please use the button below to send me an email. It would be helpful to include the name of the program you are interested in in the email subject line. 

What's Next?

Clients who have completed one of the core programs will have the option to continue coaching on a less-defined schedule. We can discuss the options for this on a case-by-case basis after you have finished the program.

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