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Online Coaching

With Ananda Fyre

Are you looking to improve your understanding of yourself, life, and how everything fits together? Maybe you would like to learn better communication skills, build stronger relationships, or handle stress more comfortably. 

The answers to the things you wish to change in your life are within you. My role as a coach is to guide you on the path toward those answers using structured techniques that help you learn how to know your mind and reach your goals. 

My success-focused approach is designed to help you identify and integrate the things that are holding you back in life and create new formulae for improvement. No more going around in circles, getting stuck in loops of discussion, or starting new approaches that end in the same place you started. It's time for actual change!

"Feeling bad about mistakes? People very rarely intentionally cause problems for themselves or others. Mistakes arise from believing we are doing the right thing with the information we have. Keep that in mind..."

What I Specialize In









Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is often confused with psychotherapy or counselling. While my approach has ties to psychoanalysis, coaching is not intended to treat any psychiatric or other mental or neurological disorder. Instead, coaching helps us navigate live and develop skills and mechanisms to handle issues with communication, daily stressors, relationships, self-image, and other aspects of life that don't necessitate treatment but could nevertheless be improved with guidance and thoughtful discussion. 

If you are looking to live your best life and equip yourself with tools that will transform the way you view problems, mistakes, conflicts, and achieving goals, coaching will help you do just that.

Core Programs

I offer several programs tailored to specific common needs along with non-specific or tailored sessions. I recommend starting with one of the core programs and expanding into a broader approach afterward. 

We all have unwanted thoughts, feelings, and tendencies. The answer to changing these is within us, but we don't always know where to look. Sometimes we even give up searching. Are you ready to start a new cycle and invest in your personal freedom and success?
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